20 May 2009

coco on the lido


there is no doubt that 2009 is coco's year... chanel resort collection held in venice was a sensation

When Coco Chanel first visited Venice in 1919 to ease the pain of her lover Boy Capel sudden death, she immediately fell in love with the city. It became her favourite summer haunts. For Chanel Cruise 2010 collection Karl Lagerfeld decided to go back to Venice to capture the romantic and poetic Chanel moment and reinvent the mystique.

"i wanted to reinvent the mystique," said Karl Lagerfeld, talking about locating the collection in one of Coco Chanel's favorite summer haunts

the 350 guests reclining on sun beds in the famous white tented cabanas certainly felt the privilideg to be witnessing the extreme glamour of the designer's learned- but-light invocation of an important part of Coco Chanel's biography, one that was overlaid with passing allusions to Visconti, Fellini, the Venice carnival, and the city's art treasures

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