11 February 2014


AHHH sunny weather. Perfect for outfit posts! This has been lately my go to outfit! Sneakers, beanie, white geometric tee and oversized bag! Lately I've been obsessed with sneakers. They are comfy and IN again, but then every time I wear them I feel like I am somehow betraying a my sartorial bible. 

8 February 2014

FASHION WEEK blues | the coat edition

 The same thing happens every FASHION WEEK. I choose to call it the FASHION WEEK BLUES. Everyone seems to be flying to a fashion week metropolis, sporting the most amazing outfits, while I am stuck in my room watching and being jealous. All this glamour, all these cities,all those amazing people all together. This season I decided to check the internet for FW news only once per day and try to go out often. I have my own FW. I may look funny or ridiculous to outsiders but still this is the only valid FW cure I have came up with so far! so this weekend hang with me and sport your most fabulous self! 
For more information on the coats check my POLYVORE account.