11 August 2009

Plastics by givenchy

the page above is from july's US VOGUE. editor virginia smith presents those colourful PVC gladiator sandal + is totally enthousiastic about them

Riccardo Tisci from Givenchy says " i wanted this shoe to be more accessible in terms of price and practicality, they are comfortable, colourful and under $200"

is it just me? i'm sorry guys but i just can't get it! has the world gone mad? it's plastic! don't get me wrong, i totally like the sandals but again it's plastic. the price alone is not a problem- sure we can spend $170 and buy designer shoes- but $170 for PVC?

10 August 2009

Leighton Meester_ digitally enhanced

20's///"So much of your twenties can be wasted on insecurity and worrying about what others think."

30's///"My favorite part [about growing older] is not knowing what to expect. I never want to lose interest or passion for fashion."
40's///"I do support Botox. If people want that, do it."
50's///"What comes with age is so many wonderful things: wisdom, understanding."

gossip girl star talks in bazzar about her tv character, her future aspirations, her dreams, her love for fashion. i do love her bold statements (botox view etc) and her playfullness when it comes to being fabulous at every age!

7 August 2009

italy 2009

Sorry, i know i haven't posted since forever! after having spent the last month in a beermuda like village-no internet, no vodafone(how is that even possible?), no electricity for a couple of days- i had to come back + start packing for italy

yeah that's right!

naples---> rome----> florence-----> genoa----->torino----> milan

italy with my bests friends- i'm leaving 16aug and returning on 4sept

so please, if you've been to italy and discovered the perfect-est little gallery or the most cosy cafe ever, just let me know:)