30 June 2009

mr big playing mr mom

Chris Noth plays Mr. Mom, while Milla Jovovich leaves him with the crumbs!!!

it seems to me that carrie finally got her revenge:))))

25 June 2009

vote for michelle

since obama's presidential election i have found myself utterly amazed by michelle's pick of clothes- i find them refreshing + wonderful!. i probably get carried away by the fact that i admire obama so much- 4 me he represents the long lost hope a qualified, self made politician

narciso rodriguez, thakoon,isaac mizraahi + jason wu are just a few of the designers that michelle prefers

24 June 2009


The A/W 10′ collection of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac is playfull, quirky, absolutely amazing + everything i hoped for!!! i adore his andy walhol dress + the mappet theme too. The collection -apart form party perfect dresses- also features a nice range of skirts and t-shirts with fun prints!!!

20 June 2009

the high line

just a few minutes ago i found this article in
style.com about new york's newest runway,
an elevated-railway-turned-public-green space.

these r my favourite looks

17 June 2009

my virtual closet

last month, while reading VOGUE, i
found this article about
virtual wardrobe.i rushed into creating
an account + uploading clothes. what i
most like about this page is that
u can shop online, create looks for every
make suggestions to other people!!!

oh i do love closet couture

i hope u like it too:)

16 June 2009

once upon a time

lately i've been rather sad, maybe bored- i blame
the exam period. i stay all day at home and listen
to music. today i must have heard tony bennett's
"once upon a time" about a million times!
that song made me think of

i have to go now and keep on studying- i leave you
with these photos + the song

14 June 2009

elson's ode to vintage

wow! karen elson former model, now wife of the amazing
jack white from the white stripes, moves to Nashville and opens a
along with partner Amy Patterson.

11 June 2009

Antwerp: "Paper Fashion"

the poster

the museum
The underground: Travis Hutchison’s pictures

The letter: “Airmail Dress”, Hussein Chalayan
Poetry: “Uptown NY”, Allen Ginsberg

i think i adore belgium, especially it's north region,
since i'm not a big fan of french. i always dreamt
of speaking flemish, i adored the dutch artists, such
as vermeer(and colin firth in that movie) + wish my
children to be raised in such a foreigh soil, where they
can spend ther time eating waffles and learning many
many languages!

to the thhings above i have to add the anwerp's fashion stage.
one must always remember the great fashion school at the
oh i'd love to study there!!!

these photos above are from a fashion exhibition currently
held at momu.

On 21 September 2002 the Modemuseum Provincie
Antwerpen opened its doors in the ModeNatie (Fashion
Nation), a renovated historical building in the centre of
Antwerp.The building also accommodates the Flanders
Fashion Institute, the fashion department of the Hogeschool
Antwerpen, the bookshop Copyright and Yohji Yamamoto Inc.

u can find some of those fab dresses on the
online la redoute store!!!

not at all the typical antwerpen's cityscape-
worth mentioning though- a city creating poetry
out of ruins

9 June 2009

ladies + gentlemen: TOM BINNS


on last month's VOGUE i run into this
michelle obama pic + i was astonished!!!
i immediatelly fell for her necklace, even
triedto create one for myself-since tragically
i cannot afford an identical one.

i did some research and discovered that
TOM BINNS is the genious behind this
magnificent necklace....

so forget diamond rings! if a boy buys
us one of Tom Binns' reconstructed
vintage necklaces, he's in our good
books, baby!

7 June 2009

make your own t- shirt

lately i found myself extremely inspired by parapluie's blog. it's always pink, happy, nostalgic, romantic. in one of her recent posts she decided to make her own t-shirt, i found the idea wonderful and decided to give it a try- i just bousht a plain whit t-shirt and that is the result- unfortunatelly not as arty as parapluie's.

6 June 2009

new york, new york!!!

having visited New York and watched sex and the city over and over again, i have to admit, i am obsessed with New York, the most stylish city of the world.
so i feel rather obligated to post any new york news i find

To keep the creative and artistic spirit alive in the Big Apple, New York City is throwing a citywide block party in collaboration with NYC & Company, Vogue, and the Council of Fashion Designers of America.NYC’s Fashion’s Night Out will kick off fashion week by keeping stores across the five boroughs open late on the evening of September 10th.This extravagant celebration is a night that can hopefully inspire new yorkers to appreciate the positive contributions fashion brings into their lives. Rumored to be a night with many exciting events planned, it’s time to take advantage of NY's city spirit that will hopefully have something different to offer everyone


5 June 2009

bike- mania

Agyness Deyn on a Vélib public bike in
Paris’s Place de la Concorde
Gary Fisher Simple City 8 W

hey i'm back! after a dreadful period- 2 and a half weeks- without internet! having survived that, i am back, and i'd like to share some photos of bikes.

Like a handbag, it can say a lot about you. And like a pair of shoes, it has to function (wow-factor stilettos aren’t much good if you can’t walk in them).in fact, i believe, it's not a bad idea to shop for a bicycle the way you would for clothes. color, fit, comfort, silhouette- all those things apply

from recent travels of mine to
barcelona, 2009, bicing, free bikes for all the citizens

verona, italy, 2008
really expensive but extremelly classy bikes with leather details