26 July 2011


tomorrow boyfriend+i are flying to Netherlands!
we will stay at einhoven visiting my most amazing friend ariadne! 

( i write all the time about her so most of you probably already know her)

here are some pics of me and ari from last summer when she visited me in Brussels and we had the most amazing time!!!!!!

24 July 2011

anthropologie summer pics

anthropologie summer pics- i love them all

22 July 2011

steven alan+ espadrilles

from steven alan lookbook

i know i'm getting a bit obsessed...
but how awesome these espadrilles look?????

the clothes are awesome but what i really want to say is that 

i love espadrilles

20 July 2011

net-a-porter sales

my friend ari texted me this morning- 

"net-a-porter has the most amazing sales" she said

that's why i decided to help her a bit- 
these are my favorite pieces and if i had not spent everything in order to visit ariadne in netherlands, i would buy at least 2 pieces!

my personal favorites are the rag and bone tribeca dress, the alc skirt and rag and bone sweater!!!!

which are your favorites?????

19 July 2011

postcards from sicily

sorry for disappearing like that- i feel the worse blogger ever when i do that!
so i've been working on a project all year long about the urban revitalisation of the city of palermo!

after long hours - cold nights- days without sleep at the university, the project was finally completed at the end of june!
but we had to prepare a presentation for the faculty of architecture of palermo!
it  sounded awfully like vacation!

we stayed at sicily for a week- maybe a bit more- our proposal gained the first prize- then we did some sightseeing!

sicily is amazing- as i always suspected- palermo is a city of decadent beauty- one can imagine a city like havana- a city that used to be great, a city of great grandeur- but now only ruins remain- beautiful ruins!

here i have some pics of the things i saw- since i was the one behind the camera you can see no pics of me- but i promise to acquire such pics- they are hiding in my friends cameras