13 May 2009

...nothing is original...

-read this-

just found this a few days ago. jim jarmusch is a favourite director with movies that always give you something to think about.

as soon as i read this i started thinking about fashion- they say that fashion moves in cycles. they also say that it's not what you wear but how you wear it. 
 i also started thinking about the importance of being eccentric, different. living in the small sub urban city of patras, with all its prejudices against anything new, sometimes i feel that wearing a strange outfit, something that spurs your imagination isn't that safe. everything that isn't not ordinary is immediatelly concidered to be trying to prove something nonexistent. 

jarmusch's views inspire me- make me feel that i don't have to be original in order to be true. create no matter what, just create: that seems to be his motto- that is the best way to achieve, in film industry, fashion, architecture, or everyday life.

a friend of mine told me the other day

- it's not a safe place to be, it's not a comfortable place to be.
but for an elite few it's the only place worth being-


  1. Haha geia sou nadia. Klemeno apo ton ksaderfo to rito i antistrofa? Hehe good point on Jarmusch.

  2. nai einai mallon asteio pou iparxei o jarmusch se fashion blog....