29 December 2009

Mobile Chandelier playing Carol of Bells

i just found this video- Mobile Mobile, a giant interactive chandelier, where each hanging phone plays a different note of a Christmas carol and flashes in time

Experience Mobile Mobile from James Théophane Jnr on Vimeo.

Tiffany & Co

i know it an odd to capitalism and conservatism, but still i can't help but love this add

28 December 2009

favourite xmas song<3

i love-love-love the song and this is my favourite version - hope u enjoy/ nice video too

27 December 2009

_Bloody Mary's lacking in tabasco_Remember when he used to be a rascal?

it started as always- it was christmas- i was home alone- i started thinking and decided that i should write down New Year's resolutions- and keep them this time

but i couldn't find a pencil

i decided i should let someone else decide for me- my inner spinster took once again control and before i could realise what was happening i had a bottle of vodka at one hand and a pencil at another

Resolution #1: uggg - will obviously lose 20 lbs. #2: always put last night's panties in the laundry basket. Equally important: will find nice sensible boyfriend and stop forming romantic attachments to any of the following: alcoholics, workoholics, sexaholics, commitment-phobics, peeping toms, megalomaniacs, emotional fuckwits, or perverts. Will especially stop fantasizing about a particular person who embodies all these things.
 thank god there was a harpeer's bazar around and i ended up drawing

i really liked my sketches so all i have to do is wait for New Year's Eve- , buy some booze, watch Bridget Jones 2 and let's hope there is a Vogue around

or i could buy a diary_ and stop abusing my friends' inbox:)

26 December 2009

it's christmas!

just found some Christmas Vogue Covers and i thought i could share- it's Christmas after all


Christmas and After
by Helen Dryden

Though the Armistice was signed in November 1918, Vogue's festivities could not start until the Christmas number. Helen Dryden's selebratory cover focused on the deliverance of France, where so many Britons had fallen, and whose ragged tricolour reminded readers that victory came at a price

Early Signs and Portents
by Georges Lepape

Between 1920 and 1930, Georges Lepape produced over 70 covers. his last appeared in 1939, just as war broke out for a second time

Winter Fashions Number
by Helen Dreyden

This was the most prolific year for Dryden, in which she produced perhaps her most famous cover. She was everything Vogue could wish for in a cover artist. She could change her style- one moment over-ornate, the next decorative, but always informative.

11 December 2009


there is this amazing new blog called STORIES. it's a strange project. the blogger creates this caracter, a girl, and asks all people reading her blog, to help her with the whole story behind the girl

that a video about the girl, called THE LETTER. enjoy!!!!

7 December 2009

la liste

-i have no recollection where i found this photo-

it's almost christmas and i haven't bought any girfts yet!
i have to start making lists immediately

lists of presents i want to buy
lists of friends
lists of postal adresses- well, i <3 sending xmas card


a friend of mine is making lists of movie scenes he's experiencing

are u making lists?

6 December 2009

Architectural Fashion: Frank Gehry for Lady Gaga

This morning I was watching MTV and there was video for Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”. Even if you like or don´t her music, the aesthetic/art direction of the video was incredible

after that i googled lady gaga and then found an article on archdaily about her new hat that famous 
Mr Gehry designed.

it's actually good new! i'am always excited when i discover new ways in which architecture and fashion are linked together(being and architecture student, wishing for a fashion career)

i personaly did not like the hat.

what do you think?

4 December 2009

one bag. one love

what can i say?? i love the bag_ i was told though that selling my kidney is illegal + not worth it for a bag--->

i still feel the need to try though(selling the kindey and getting the bag)


1 December 2009

i heart Tiffany

i love expensive leather bags, i have always wanted an hermes scarf but i've never been much into jewellery.

and then...

i checked Tiffany. 

completelly out of curiosity. now i'm begging santa for a tiffany key

please remember that silver goods are not that expensive, they are almost affordable

and at last the engagement rings. 
no i'm not getting married anytime soon but any girl can dream of a tiffany diamond.make sure you watch the video on the link above