27 September 2009

~the amazing mr burton~

i was so thrilled to learn that New York's MoMA features the films and artwork of Tim Burton in a retrospective! then i remembered of course that is highly unlikely i manage to visit the exhibition, which is held till the end of April...:(

then i found the most amazing fashion shoot ever in next months bazaar!!! burton inspired fashion???? simply genious!!!

should i go further and suggest that fashion is bacoming darker and darker latelly? darker and more imaginative, but still really dark... well someone can only wait for the spring to arrive_ and enjoy darkness of course

26 September 2009

oh MAN!

i don't know about you but i just love the sincerety of her intentions, her raw approach on fashion and the way she reinvents human attitute on our times!!

here's what dazed said about the new designer for MAN, Katie Eary

[...Newcomer Katie Eary was first up and from last season’s Animal Farm, she looked at other seminal texts; William Burroughs’ Junky and Naked Lunch and served up a visceral look at the human body, dissecting body parts that translated into frayed denim, heart and eye prints, gold pigskin over sunglasses, gold bone and pearl ribcages, blood-red rope shoulderpieces and leather jackets in bruised leather. It was collection that went a level further from her last pig army collection, exploring even more materials and also ensured that her MAN debut was one to remember...]

24 September 2009

flappers, gatsby & a lawn party

1st there is a video at the end of the post- have it playing as u r reading the post

After having read THE GREAT GATSBY  a million times and forced all my friends to do so, i have suddenly discovered that there is  a JAZZ AGE LAWN ANNUAL PARTY AT GORVENOR'S ISLAND NY!!!!

gatsby's first edition


i adore the bob hair, the clothes, the dance...

i love how these people just get dressed up and attend a whole difference era

19 September 2009

franken- fashion

October 2009: Richard Burbridge photographs Lyle Lodwick in super scrapheap outfits. Styling by Robbie Spencer.

With October's issue of Dazed focusing on 'Franken-Fashion', the Monster Special features a Richard Burbridge shoot of ad hoc, makeshift materials to create inspirational headpieces, transforming everyday objects into couture

18 September 2009

Christopher Kane for Topshop

Make sure you visit the topshop site today!
Christopher Kane's collection is out!!!

enjoy the video<3


16 September 2009


the giant cube

On a suspended giant cube, four distinct ideas of Pugh's S/S 10 collection were presented

[...It was always going to be hard to know what to expect from Gareth Pugh's second film directed by Ruth Hogben, which was presented last night at New York's Milk Studios as part of M.A.C. and Milk's collaboration this season. It could not possibly have been a fashion film given that his show in Paris was going to be taking place in a few weeks time. Instead, in the loading bay, on a giant suspended cube, four extracted ideas of the collection were presented on the four facets, representing elements of fire, wind, earth and water. As new-agey as that sounds, it needs to be seen to be fully understood (film now live on SHOWstudio) as even Pugh admitted it was a hard piece to describe in words. For those familiar with Pugh's work, it is an enticing ensemble piece that does exactly what it set out to do; prequel the show. For those not so familiar, they might have taken away an essence or a mood of what Pugh's aesthetic is all about....]

14 September 2009

for shoe lovers<3

"...There is dynamism, a high degree of abstraction and a reconciliation between architecture, technology and nature in Kerrie Luft’s footwear. Inspired by Art Nouveau, Luft’s shoes display a peculiar fascination with movement and at times recall in their elaborate yet delicate heels the work of French architect Hector Guimard or the furniture of interior designer and decorator Eugène Gaillard..."