29 May 2011

surfboards, keys and best friends

arghhhh, how i wish i could grab a surfboard, my car keys, my ariadne and leave in search of the perfect beach-
that would require of course me learning how to surf!!!

anyway in 2 months time i will have the best time ever- wandering around holland with best friend and best boyfriend!!!

can't w8 for june to be over

25 May 2011

what a season_ to be beautiful without a reason

although i'd like to pretend that for these photos i went deep into the wilderness, i cannot lie to you-i'm actually in the campus, just outside my school's building!

for the last 3 weeks i spend entire days there- always in front of my computer doing sth architecture related-outside the window everything seems so colorful! 

so one day i said "enough is enough- u have to go there-see for yourself"- 

shortly after a bee attacked me (so typical, bees and football balls always attack me))so after 10 minutes + 10 pictures taken i sat once again in front of my pc screen

i'm listening to Now Mary from the white stripes_ that's where the title comes from

top: COS
shorts: ZARA
bag: vintage
shoes: melissa flats
hat: vintage

21 May 2011

at the seaside

yesterday i decided to pause everything and do nth- best decision ever!
so i ended up by the sea! Ph. insisted that we take pictures- i insisted that i eat 2 ice creams!!! 2nd best decision ever- so now i have to go and do sth i guess!

Do you want to go to the seaside?
I'm not trying to say that everybody wants to go
I fell in love at the seaside

19 May 2011

the list-part 3

the list: part 3/ the yellow skirt

actually i have one of those but i had'd had the chance yet to wear it

I promise to have the skirt posted- it's worth mentioning!

17 May 2011

the list: part 2/ green (with envy)

the list: part 2
as you know i'm making a list- a list of colorful things i'd like to buy!

i just realized i have nth green in my wardrobe- orange check_yellow check_ pink check


15 May 2011

the list: part 1/ the color crop

the list- part 1

i'm making a list- a list of all those things i'd like to buy!
most of them are color related- it's a bit odd now i come to thing about it- i've always been one color kind of gal- total black- or total black blue are 2 of my favorites

but this spring brought all those colors and i can hardly resist- even my nails are duo color!!!

my ultimate obsession these past few days is the color crop! actually my obsession dates back to the isabel marant red crop days-

i can't w8 to  hit the stores- my search for the ultimate color crop has just begun!

sources: garancedore, garypepper,  jakandjil

7 May 2011

vodianova + the (cool) kids

super mum vodianova outside the stella mccartney show