31 January 2012

PRE| 30012012

too busy- too busy- too busy to make a proper post!
i hate it when it happens- when i am too busy + everything seems impossible. 

today i had a architectural competition deadline- i spent the whole weekend in front of my pc working non-stop!
maybe i'll show you my work when the results are out!

i hope to SEE YOU, IN A DAY OR TWO, WITH A COOL outfit POST!


27 January 2012


the morning after a great party is always difficult! you 've had too much fun, maybe too much booze- you realize that you didn't had the opportunity to take those great party pics, the fun is over and now you regret it!!!!
if you manage to get out of bed + have an understanding bf, then you may manage to make a post out of it!

boots: zara
shirt: dad's
waxed pants: zara
vest: badila
arm party: cos, cos, cos, swatch

26 January 2012

a room with a view

 it's so cold + windy outside- all i have is the view and tons of studying to do!!!

23 January 2012


i love my new ramones tee- i have to check more often h&m's mens' department! they've got the most amazing tees!

boots: zara
tee: h&m
skirt: asos

16 January 2012


this is a black n white post-a bit red too
i'm sorry it's just that cold weather makes me monochromatic!
the most fun color in my outfits these past few days has been gray

boots: sam edelman
hat: h&m
coat: zara
pants: zara

14 January 2012

PREVIEW| beat on the brat

studying makes me wanna sing ramones- are you ready for a fight?

12 January 2012

[new in] studded booties/ life of an eskimo

these past few days and the sudden drop of temperature have made me a much more boring person that usual and i have finally embraced my eskimo self

these boots are back from the days when i used to be able to wear actual shoes and not just  uggsi know that uggs are a forbidden sartorial word, even my dictionary rejects them. 

can't wait for warmer days! i want to wear again these cuties!

studded booties: zara

7 January 2012

two thousand and twelve

well guys we have to admit it
we are getting older- the new year is like a global birthday
since we are not getting any younger all we can do is

1. make resolutions( we bloggers usually make wardrobe resolutions)
2. have fun
so thank you for following me- i promise you this is going to be a fun fun fun year
fellow blogger angie
top:  h&M
pants: zara
necklace: thrifted