29 May 2010

summer graffiti

24 May 2010

les vitrines d' avenue Luise, Bruxelles

postacards from Zeeland, Holland

come fly with me

i'm not sure i have told you, but i'll be spending my entire summer(that's right exactly three months) in brussels!!!

19 May 2010

"Mean To Mean", Agyness Deyn Short film

Agyness Deyn appears in a new short film by David McDermott and Peter McGough.
“Shot in the latter’s anachronous 1932 Manhattan apartment, replete with art deco furniture, the 13-minute romp portrays Deyn as a victimized starlet consumed by passion and greed. Exacting revenge upon her abusive lover (Law and Order’s Linus Roache), Deyn’s femme fatale channels those of the past, notably Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity. A familiar sight on the runway for Chanel, Burberry and Alexander Wang, Deyn seduces on screen in Zac Posen’s pitch-perfect gowns, Guerlain’s Shalimar perfume and an iridescent string of Mikimoto pearls. Such attention to historical detail is classic McDermott and McGough—the pair have lived and dressed as 19th-century gentlemen for three decades now—and gives this cinematic time capsule a period authenticity, shadowed with allusions to Hitchcock and Fritz Lang.” ViaNowness.