28 February 2012


song: sonnet- the verve
i woke up with this song stuck in my mind- its' title somehow matched my new pair of shorts- cool and romantic- jumping around on the rooftop seemed  quite appropriate!
sweater: zara
shorts: zara
booties: zara

22 February 2012

22022012| mint

mint outfit- i think i'm gonna love this spring!
i'm off to uni! i have to present my thesis today! huge day and horrific anxiety!!!!!
i'll probably wear mint!!!!

20 February 2012

PREVIEW| the inevitable mint post

i say inevitable because it seems that all the stores are going mint crazy!

19 February 2012

NEW IN| mint

 double zip bowling bag: zara

15 February 2012


yeah i' m getting ready for spring- which is most unfortunate because it's still cold here- atm i find all my winter clothes so boring!
loafers: asos
cross bracelet: asos
neon watch: swatch
shorts: zara
shirt: zara
necklace: h&m
perfume: daisy by marc jacobs

14 February 2012

V- day

in a relationship or not, i find miyazaki films to be the best coice for Valentines day!
i say that as a gal who has spent the first 20 years of her life single( although i guess being single at 8 doesn't really count) watching bridget jones & singing "all by myself".
this year i'm not single- i have a valentine and we 'll do exactly what i did alone these past couple of years!
watch a miyazaki film

please for once leave bridget alone

12 February 2012

monochromatic x-ray

this is me breaking the rules+ reintroducing colonel mustard!
grey days are perfect for splashes of color!

9 February 2012

breaking the rules

do you ever have the feeling that sth is terribly wrong with this  spring's fashion??
lately i feel sth is off: i always thought that pastels were suitable only for christenings and that floral prints should not be mixed. 
are we breaking all the rules???
and what about different shades of the same color?
anyway every time i question an outfit, i decide there is no wrong or right- this spring is all about fun!
so stop questioning and start having fun! who knows we may be the new 80's!

5 February 2012

february picks

this february is all about pastels- they may not keep you warm but they keep your spirit high enough! 
the secret of successful pastel looks is metallics- don't be afraid to buy that ambiguous zara envelope, or the strange asos loafers! they will glam up your look!
for for info on the items above click here
have you bought anything pastel yet???

4 February 2012



1 February 2012

30012012| sunday morning

bonjour! here's a quick post!!!as i promised!
so tell me:
what's your secret for maximum concentration during studying??? how do you avoid spending hours of "window shopping"or checking blogs, instead of studying?
i think i need some advice:S
now, i'm off to  library! 
pants: zara
shirt: pull n bear
coat: H&M
hat: H&m
choker: H&M