30 October 2012

yellow flats

yes from now on color tuesday are a thing!
these are my new h&m yellow flats!
too bad it's already too cold for them- whenever i look at them i think of spring!

27 October 2012

weekend routine

 ever since i started working, my weekends routine has changed completely. instead of lazying around i try to be super organized and find time for all the things that i love

this is my weekend list:
1. do not oversleep
2. seriously wake up!
3. have a nice breakfast
4. read a book while drinking cofee( not a whole book, even though i could drink coffee for so many hours that the book is over)
5. clean/ tidy up the mess in my appartment
6. watch skyfall with boyfriend!!! yeah, a bond movie!
7. see friends and plan drinks with them
8. last but not least visit the stores!

19 October 2012

burgundy boots

hey there! it's been a while, i know! i don't have much time lately but i thought i should share these amazing burgundy boots from massimo dutti! i'm going to antwerp next weekend and a pair of chelsea boots is no1 on my list! yes lately i use lists when i go shopping, i try to be less impulsive and buy less crasy stuff!

5 October 2012


i've been too busy lately with moving to belgium, so no outfits yet. let me share some of my instagram pics though!

3 October 2012

on sunsets and new beginings

sorry for disappearing_ i took a small vacation_ maybe not that small.
my news is that after presenting my thesis, a true rollercoaster let me tell you (some  professors said great things, others terribly bad ones :S), well it's over now, anyway, 

so stay tuned. for the next 10 months i will be blogging from Gent and Brussels.
this is my last greek sunset.
you won't see many of those from now on. probably more rainy day outfits!
ps. in the end i got 9.8/10 in my thesis! which is more than i wished for, but seriously why why scare sb if you 'll give him a great grade in the end?

shorts: ZARA
top: COS
sandals: ZARA
cool bag: PUBLIC bookstores