25 June 2014

WHAT TO WEAR | stay classy san diego

4 months after my latest post here I am again! For a moment I thought I would let this blog go, wander eternally in a sea of forgotten sites, still online. I was overworked, tired, feeling extremely non-creative. 
But then again, I never felt like abandoning it completely. It's hard when you create sth, even that small, a teeny-tiny web corner where you can  share and record sartorial inspiration, the dream of an impeccable and deeply personal wardrobe.
So even if I don't post every day, or every week, rest assured that I am here.

This outfit post above is my interpretation of what a classy summer really means. 
In Greece, when you go to the beach and find yourself among a sea of thongs and brazilian-cut swimwear. Let's say it's more Copa Cabana and less Cote d' Azur.  This makes me want to cover myself, my reaction being that of a scandalised puritan great aunt that cannot really get the new generation. You can shop all the above in net-a-porter, my source of inspiration.

 Anyway as Ron Burgundy would say 
"Stay classy San Diego!"