28 September 2011

colonel mustard

mustardyummy! that's what i thought when i saw this amazing and so fun pair of pants the other day on zara!

mustard is a difficult color- it's not white beige or black! finding the right tee or the right shoes may seem tough if not impossible. 

unless u are me- one bag- two cardigans- a skirt- and counting-
i'm finding it difficult to find colors that make sense in my wardrobe anymore:( 

this is gonna be a fun autumn after all!

pants: zara/tee: zara/flats: zara/bag: cos/bracelets: cos/watch: michael kors

24 September 2011

the colors of the wind

 lack of color! that's what i thought when i took these pictures yesterday afternoon! there was a significant lack of color in my outfit! my pants were beige but i consider beige to be more or less a dirty white 

at first i thought it didn't matter- who needs color? not i!

but then i stepped out of my blue- white apartment (spoiler---> next post u get to see what my room looks like) and the sky had the most amazing colors i had ever seen.
it was the colors of the wind all over again ( Pocahontas is a huge part of my childhood)

that's why i played a little bit with my pics + added some color
:D the white outfit was simply too boring

21 September 2011

lazing on a sunny afternoon

yesterday the funniest thing happened
i was driving in my car- i stopped since there was a stop sign and then one of those guys that try to convince you to clean your car's windscreen appeared+ did the most peculiar thing

he asked me for a cd! i have tons of them in my car
so i gave him my kinks cd- i thought they were the perfect happy music and he should have it:D

these photos bring back to mind my fave kinks song 
 they were taken a few days ado before the storm came and sadly left on a sunny afternoon-  i was lazing around with boy and was extremely happy as you can see because i had remembered to take coffee with me:D after 10' or sth we bumped into the most amazing little library!!

i'm wearing my new flat espadrilles. diy necklace and my happy flowery sunglasses!

20 September 2011

steven alan and his gathered work shirt

there is sth about men's shirts i simply cannot resist! 

especially oversized pajama looking  ones! atm i'm stealing my father's. boy\s shirts are not oversized enough!

what i adore about men's shirts is not only the fantasy of the out of bed look, but the fact you can wear them with anything (or nth)

they look really arty when worn with skinny jeans, a scarf and a hat.

at the same time they look really classy when worn with twead trousers:D

here are some pics from this fall's lookbook!

 it rained today in patras! that was the perfect escuse to leave boy's appartment and run some errands downtown!!!!! i bought even wool to knit a scarf:D

it smells like winter!!!

19 September 2011

today's inspiration

stardust and grey blue! 

today's inspiration

i'm so happy i finally managed to change my blog's font!
i hate courier, verdana, arial!

do u think my new font is readable???


i just finished watching THE HOUR the new bbc series. I LOVED IT- the 1st season had only 6 episodes. what a pity! the cast is incredible, especially ben winshaw! romola garai is hauntingly beautiful and stylish!!!!
a must see, according to VOGUE MAGAZINE 
 the characters work in London television news, and because the miniseries starts in 1956, there’s plenty of news: The West and the Soviet Bloc face off in the relentless, sinister cold war, Nasser will cause the Suez Crisis, Soviet tanks will roll into Hungary.

The Hour is a meta-show: one hour on the BBC about a show called The Hour on the BBC.

 It’s the story of two ambitious young TV journalists, a producer, Bel (Romola Garai) and a reporter, Freddie (Ben Whishaw). They’re part of the launch of a news show called The Hour. Freddie wants to be the anchorman but is preempted by the older, smoother Hector (Dominic West, from The Wire). Pretty, sexy Bel, the producer, is an anomaly in 1950s England, an ambitious woman. She’s close to Freddie, but in lust for the married Hector. The suspense is set off when an academic—who has something to do with an engaged debutante—is murdered in a subway corridor; Freddie, who moves in the debutante’s circle, sets out to investigate.

The drama is promising, and all the characters fascinating—the absolutely splendid Anna Chancellor is mesmerizing as a brisk, hard-drinking foreign correspondent, and Julian Rhind-Tutt is over-the-top yet believable as the prime minister’s oily press advisor. Only the art direction lets down the show: London looks like the Prague set for an expressionist movie, and the costumes are strangely off. These drawbacks could be due to budget considerations, which loom over our world now just as the cold war loomed over the 1950s.  The Hour’s writer-producer, Abi Morgan, announced today that the show will return as a second miniseries that picks up the story nine months after the end of the first. We can look forward to more sexy, suspenseful history lessons. 

17 September 2011

brand new shoes

these 2 pics have been my ultimate summer inspiration!!!! forget flip flops!
i think flat espadrilles are incredibly chic + comfortable.

u can wear them with shorts, dresses, swimsuits. 
that's why when i found the coolway espadrilles  on sale i couldn't resist even though it's mid september!

btw check the coolway site! it's really.... COOL

photos: garance dore, unknown