29 November 2012

black-blue details

more black- blue! i can't wait for december and more festive colors!

knit: COS
Jeans: ZARA
boots: ZARA

28 November 2012

upside down

26 November 2012


details from last week!
boots: ZARA
knit: COS
shirt: COS

24 November 2012

books and coffee

this is my weekend routine!  Pain Quotidien, english bookstore and huge cappuccinos! enjoy your weekend!

21 November 2012


 free time is for not for architects_some of them will deny the necessity for free time, since architecture is so much fun _ it seems that even when i have some free time, i am always running errands. (also loafers are not for rainy belgium, but i feel we can discuss clothes and rainy countries in another post!)

16 November 2012

quote of the day

13 November 2012

details pt.IV

COS knit: gift from my boyfriend

details pt.III

COS: god is in the details

12 November 2012

details pt.II

new ring from COS

details pt.I

my favorite store we meet again!

10 November 2012

have a great weekend!

have a great weekend everybody! i am thinking of watching a woody allen film tonight! any suggestions???
image source: LOVE DESIGN FEST

9 November 2012


ever since i bought new headphones and moved to belgium (SPOTIFY yeaah) i have become the most antisocial person that ever existed- i spend my days working on my pc, lost in music. today i listened to lana del rey, lykke li and woody allen soundtracks.i skip from playlist to playlist and i fear it doesn't get any more random!
knit: COS
Jeans + tees: H&M
headphones: Phillips

5 November 2012

change of scenery: Ghent

These are my new headquarters: Ghent; Belgium.
i moved here on october and i am in love with the city and the people; trite as this may sound, it is completely true! 
so here are some first impressions!

2 November 2012

black| blue november

so here you have my november perfect outfit! 

faux leather pants, kitty flats, a chuncky knit and the alexander wang emile bag! the cool cat hat and this amazing coat add coolness!
for me, november calls for a more laid back boyish attidute. being super cool and comfy, before a very glamourous and festive december comes and sartorialy dazzles us all
enjoy and have an awesome november guys!

1 November 2012

the ugly truth: architects always wear black

it always happens. everyti;e i get too busy i end up spending my non excistent free time in the stores. since the mood is average due to hard work i chose total black this weekend in zara. i hate it but they say " architects wear always black". i usually try to resist this thruth . 
instead let me claim that 
architects on deadline always shop black
so here you have them