31 March 2010

peekaboo love

i love this bag- the peeakaboo fendi bag
i like the colours, the structure, the handle

but when i say i love the bag, i mean it!
and then i feel bad for loving/ adoring/ worshiping a bag

last night i had to watch "capitalism a love story" in order to manage all that consummerism guilt(i can't buy the bag, it's far too expensive, i wish i could buy the bag i would be HAPPY if i had the damn bag_it's just a bag!_no it's not!

it's the PEEKABOO bag

leopard coat

unknown girt- i found her via stocholm street style
she looks great, doesn't she?

30 March 2010


Giovanna Battaglia- my newest style icon
i absolutely adore her- she is always so effortlessly chic, carrying amazing bags and the shoes... oh the shoes!

28 March 2010


this is the inevitable mischa burton post
i spent years hating her, because of marissa and all the chaos that she caused on the o.c

but as the years went by despite of the tabloid stories about her, i started finding her somehow interesting+ somehow beautiful

22 March 2010

Strike A Pose

French actress Clémence Poésy collaborates with photographer Kai Z. Feng in “Strike A Pose,” a naturally romantic sequence of shots for the latest installment of Vogue U.K

shake dreams from your hair

Shake Dreams From Your Hair
Mirage #2 S/S 10
Shot by: Nicole Nodland
Model: Shelby Keeton

basic instict

Vogue UK April 2010