31 October 2011

miu miu glitter sneakers

i know- these sneakers are nth new the blogsphere is going crazy about them

i can't help but adore them

they are awesome + insanely expensive+ did i say awesome???
every time i imagine them with a total black look i'm going crazy!


22 October 2011

short over long/ part I

"frozen but happy" i woke up the other day and it was so cold- i could barely leave my bed- the smell of coffee woke me up and as soon as i got dressed i decided to do some sunbathing on the rooftop.

the air was freezing and the sky was crystal clear- i started jumping around, i had a titanic/ king of the world moment and all i could feel was the warmth of my chunkiest  knit!

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19 October 2011

NEW IN: fall morning loves

here's a sneak peek. these are my recently acquired obsessions!

wedge dessert boots: they are so comfy, ideal for every day morning desperate attempts to buy a bucket full of coffee on my way to uni_ yeah that's right_ coffee+ comfy go together_ i'm a bit of a zombie in the mornings_ i need to be comfy on my way to coffee (aaah it rimes) if deathly accidents are to be prevented

fake fur scarf: it's warm, so warm and soft. i'm rather cold in the mornings so i never step out without something stylish/ huge/ warm around my neck

chunky knit: i'm a huge fan of huge knits. that's all i wear recently. a colorful pair of pants and a huge pajama like knit. feels like i'm still under the covers instead ove sleep -walking to the uni

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16 October 2011

a woman's right to shoes

the fact is, sometimes it's really hard to walk in a woman's shoes. that's why we really need special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun
by carrie Bradshaw  

these cutties are from topshop

14 October 2011

raindrops from the sun

it rained! 

there was a misery deep inside me for days_ sth wasn't quite right_ but suddenly it all changed_ the rain came and  washed my misery away_ at first everything was super colorful _ i looked around a bit excited, then the first raindrops fell on my face_ it was raining

the ugly city was beautiful again and i danced_ it's such a cliche... why should one just sing in the rain?

hahahha i went a bit over the top, but

i <3 the rain

12 October 2011

the importance of wearing a hat

autumn is finally here! and this is my first fall look! here u see me wearing my new hat!

as soon as i wore it for the 1st time, i realized i'm not taking it off till march_ but seriously_ you know i love hats_that's no secret_ u can see me wearing a hat here, here, here and here. practically in every outfit post i have ever made

but winter hats. aaah, it's a love story. i could start describing how perfect winter hats are but instead i can send you at garance's . thank you garance for the perfect timing!

anyway i leave you here- once again i have to run- i'm wearing my hat of course! 

trousers: zara
shirt: cos
hat: h&m
boots: sam edelman
watch: michael kors
arm candy: cos + h&m

9 October 2011


i recently realized that when it comes to building a wardrobe, one must always return to basics

don't get me wrong, i adore extravagant, fun pieces! they totally alter my mood_  sometimes though i feel i have a wardrobe full of clothes but nth to wear

this is why i started investing on quality, not quantity. i also came to understand that the great thing about basics is that you can recycle them, mix and match. an outfit based on basics can never go wrong_ some think it can get boring- not with the right accessories ( that is bags and jewelry, maybe hats?)

so here for the night out i chose a grey baggy jacket from h&m, a white tee from cos ( i call it the pregnancy tee, it fits great but it's huge_ there is room for a lot of food in there), a blue pair of shorts from zara and my orange fun clutch from cos

last but not least, i feel the need to apologize_ my scary smile_ i did it again:(_

8 October 2011

rainy day please stay

i woke up and it was raining! joy!

so here's my idea of the perfect rainy day!even better the perfect rainy saturday!!!!

3.1 philiip lim riffled stretch- silk charmeuse briefs, a grey organic by patrick john waffle knit pullover, a mary katrantzou silk scarf, a pair of cable knit short socks and a jane austen tribute:D

what's yours? 

i'm off to spend the rainy day with boy:D


ps. pray the rain doesn't go away
ps2. i'm a little behind on my comment replies:( sorry you will hear from me soooon!!!

4 October 2011

mustard- dagger- billiard room

you remember my mustard post some days ago? 

well that's were the inspiration came from:D
as a child i was obsessed with cluedo!!!

so i did not just play cluedo- i used to create whole stories in my mind-blackmails, long forgotten love affairs, hidden agentas, lost wills- i loved it so much because it reminded me of all the agatha Christies i used to read back then!
i even dreamt of becoming a female hercules poirot!

here's a cluedo editorial i found! 
a great editorial is not just about the clothes + the models!
a great editorial is above all a great story, that moves beyond understanding and brings back  long forgotten feelins/ memories, things so personal that a simple photo shoot just could not do

so who's your favorite??? i always chose colonel mustard- he had the charm and power that comes with age- i always imagined him of returning from  west indies or egypt! i always wished he would end up with mrs Peacock<3

2 October 2011

blogger's medicine for crazy weather

do you remember my men's shirts post a few days ago??? if not, check it out here

i did what a every good blogger would do! i gave it a try!i grabbed boy's oversized shirt and stepped out in the city!

as it turns out men's shirts are not only stylish and chic but really cool! i mean   
literally cool!
it was once again freakishly hot (i'm not complaining- this indian summer is everywhere- if it doesn't stop though the whole human race will become extinct- imagine cute eskimos watching the cute igloos melting away) but the oversized shirt protected me from the sun and i could feel the wind on the inside!

what's your fashion secret?
how do you cope with crazy weather?