1 May 2009

kirsten, the new keira?

*for my friend, adi

several months ago my best friend, ari, adi or couri -it doesn't really matter what her name is- made me watch this movie, "twilight". i was reluctant at first, the trailer seemed utterly ridiculous. i went since i love movies and my friend too. the movie finished and we both had the silliest smile- the kind of smile girls have when they think they are falling in love with some movie guy.

pattinson, adi said, is the new darcy

--what i haven't told you about my friend is that she studies abroad, in the uk.---

 we fell for pattinson, she left for uk and then came back for her easter break. in the meantime she had read the twilight saga several times. i told her to get a life and then couri did sth peculiar. she googled the name "kirsten stewart". of course i remembered her. she was bella from the movie, bella which seemed rather ordinary, even plain!

well i couldn't have being more wrong. ari and i watched twilight again, then "in the land of women", "jumper" and "what just happened". 

i immediatelly realised that kirsten is a great young actress, a down 2 earth individual and a fashion icon too. she always seems so young, fresh, classy in a casual and carefree way, feminine but still a teenager. her fashion photoshoots are always magnificent, her interviews give you sth to thing about and her public appearences are fun. what strikes me the most is that she almost has an ordinary life and a professionalism that most actors her age lack.

my friend left for uk again, but i still google "kirsten stewart". could it be that i miss couri? i like to think not. 

kirsten is definitelly an actress and fashion icon to watch. in many ways she does remind me of another young girl in "bend it like beckham", the now amazing keira knightley.

for the time being, i simply cannot wait to watch :adventureland: and of course for my friend to be back




  1. honestly, i don't really like her too much...
    her acting isn't very good, and i'm not really a fan of her style
    i saw an interview with her once and she seemed like the biggest bitch (sorry:P) every question she was asked she'd just answer with a mumbled one word answer and when they asked her about robert pattinson she just rolled her eyes... i tried to search for this interview on youtube but couldn't find it.. she was just really rude, it seems like all this fame from twilight is making her think she's better than all the rest :P

  2. I don't know if she has been really rude but I thing she has style and she deserves a place in a fashion blog like this...!!!!

  3. the truth is that i have not watched the interview you mention, so i don't know whether she's been rude or not .what i have noticed in her interviews is that she seems rather out of place and awkward- to tell you the truth i like that.to me she seems normal. probably she is rather bored of people asking her whether she's dating Pattinson or not.