29 December 2011

bloggers' night out

angie & i

you know angie- she is the sweetest, most amazing girl behind chasing kites!
she's also my cousin, best friend and sartorial inspiration!
this is why we have being planning this night out for a while! this tuesday we put on our chunky knits and hit the town!
make sure you visit her awesome blog! she's a beauty isn't she?
shirt: pull'n'bear
skirt: asos
heels: nine west
bag: romwe
sweater: zara

25 December 2011

merry happy merry

merry christmas to you all

i hope you spend this time of year with your beloved ones- eating delicious treats- giving presents( receiving too)- feeling loved!

ps. i hope you like this year's personalized xmas card!
ps2. this christmas finds me with +200 followers more than last year/ thank you all for your lovely comments/ i do struggle sometimes to answer to you all/ it's harder than it seems with university and everything that is going on


24 December 2011

keep calm + eat cupcakes

sometimes i keep forgetting this is not food blog!
anyway there are many outfit posts ready to be published-
but just in case you feel like making delicious cupcakes on your own, you can try these recipes here and here

merry christmas everybody!

21 December 2011

christmas party essentials

1 girl 6 looks/ not me
but these days j.crew is a huge inspiration for me- their christmas looks are stunning! i'm definitely trying no2 and 3

my christmas party essentials are
sth sparkly+ sth red/ 
simple as this/ no other rules required i believe!

what about you, what are your christmas party essentials????


20 December 2011


how are your preparations going?


19 December 2011


16 December 2011

stormy weather

i usually love rainy mornings- everyone is depressed but not me- i love my melissa booties and every opportunity to wear them is welcome!

this stormy morning was different though- i was under the weather- metaphorically this time
i've been down with the flu ever since- i am grumpier than grumpy old men:(
boots: melissa
bag: romwe
sweater: h&m
jeans: gap 

13 December 2011

how i love cloudy mornings!!!! i consider them the perfect opportunity to wear a huge scarf and step outside!!!  this time i wore my happy pants+ my huge bag+ a men's denim shirt!
pants: zara
knit: oysho
shirt: pull n bear
bag: romwe
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11 December 2011


for more info on the items above click here
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new in: Celine look-alike

bag is here
more tomorrow ;-)

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9 December 2011

fake loves

let me introduce you this babe- the large trapeze in stamped calfskin from celine!
i've been dreaming of this bag ever since i first saw the ad on vogue- hideous ad- great  bag though

then i saw this fake celine bag on romwe for 44Euros/
i felt quite torn- i have always been against fakes/ the original is a true beauty/ the fake one not so-there is sth wrong(always) with the golden details/ of course the original celine is unattainable for the moment
maybe when i start working, but not yet:(

where do you stand on fakes?
i ended up buying this- not so mush to show off, but simply because i adore the cut- it seems quite spacyi think!
fingers crossed- let's hope when it arrives it will be everything i dreamed of...

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6 December 2011

rockin' around

this is my new fake fur! i adore it! soft and stylish!
fake furs
yes or no?

sweater: h+m
fake fur: h+m
shirt: cos
jeans: zara

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4 December 2011

on the 4th day of christmas

i'm not a jewelry junkie but maybe i should become one!
those earrings are the ones- the kind of earrings i would love to buy, wear them all the time, keep them till i'm old 
you can find them here/ amazing store/ amazing!!!

did i tell you they cost only 90$ ?

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2 December 2011

december wish list

that's my imaginary december wishlist- i say imaginary because the bag alone costs 27.000usd:(

no1 a fair isle festive knit!!
no2 the equipment shirt
no3 wet look skinny jeans/ check- i bought it from zara last week
no4  the row aligator backpack haunts my dreams!!!!!
no5 the christian laboutin loafers!!!!!! such beauties

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1 December 2011

countdown started

december 1st! 24 days till christmas and there is so much to be done!!!
i started decorating my desk yesterday- i will be spending so many hours in front of my mac i thought it should be festive! i'm hooked on christmas songs too! i  think that if everyday starded with christmas songs i would be the happiest person alive!
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30 November 2011


the perfect morning!
walking aimlessly at the city with my camera at hand
you never know what will catch your eye
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