5 June 2009

bike- mania

Agyness Deyn on a Vélib public bike in
Paris’s Place de la Concorde
Gary Fisher Simple City 8 W

hey i'm back! after a dreadful period- 2 and a half weeks- without internet! having survived that, i am back, and i'd like to share some photos of bikes.

Like a handbag, it can say a lot about you. And like a pair of shoes, it has to function (wow-factor stilettos aren’t much good if you can’t walk in them).in fact, i believe, it's not a bad idea to shop for a bicycle the way you would for clothes. color, fit, comfort, silhouette- all those things apply

from recent travels of mine to
barcelona, 2009, bicing, free bikes for all the citizens

verona, italy, 2008
really expensive but extremelly classy bikes with leather details


  1. i hope i can buy one in few months :)D

  2. i know...it's utterly dangerous to ride a bike in my town, but i definetelly want one!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dn ine tooso epikindino..prosoxi 8eli..ala parado3os oses fores exo metakini8i me to podilato stn poli exo siniditopiisi pos i odigi se prosexoun pio poli aposo nomizes..(oxi omos ta leoforia :/)

    elpizo na kataferis na paris ena ipercute mikro podilataki :)