23 May 2012

hello sunshine

sunny hot weather is the perfect excuse for a total white outfit- it feels so chic and simple_ 

18 May 2012

preview| in the sun

hot weather is the perfect excuse to replace a bra with a swimsuit top/ bandeau!
especially when it adds color to a monochromatic outfit!
more pics tomorrow:)

16 May 2012

those shoes

loeffler randall!
aren't those shoes to die for?
they cost $350.00 - they're certainly no bargain.
but still i think such shoes would look amazing with a simple tee and pants that cost no more than $30!

14 May 2012

outfit of the day| one of the boys

there is a strange comfort in wearing a pair of baggy jeans + a mens' shirt!
first it feels terribly comfy! secondly all you have to do to upgrade it is add tiny details!

fun sunnies, an orange clutch + silver loafers. you're ready to go!

13 May 2012

oh boy| preview

more pics tomorrow!

10 May 2012

outfit of the day| cloudy bloom

as soon as i entered the park my pants turned invisible! seriously how cool is this???? now i only wish i had worn a floral shirt!!!!
 i would be a sartorial joke!

8 May 2012

in bloom| preview

tomorrow's post preview!
stay tuned!

6 May 2012


my hair is getting too long and impossible to control- i want to have it cut! any ideas? short or long? straight or curly? (oh how i miss my curls!)

what about the color? lately i'm trying to remove the red hue- key word- trying!

1 May 2012


family photos- me and my cousins! in the sun!