30 April 2010



United States of Saint Germain

it's been a while since i found these amazing photos and i wanted to post them.

the event is the opening of the new Ralph Lauren store in Paris at Saint Germain boulevard. this is their largest store in Europe. i guess if the wanted to amaze the French, they probably succeeded!

latest buys

these are my latest buys and i adore them :D
~ZARA cat/20's/ awesome dress 19.90euros
~MELISSA plastic coral shoes

29 April 2010

lazy hazy summer days

these last days have been amazing- so many things to do... but still. the sun has being incredibly bright, a soft breeze  messing up my paperwork, my friends and i just sat on the uni grass doing nth but enjoying the weather. doing nth, thinking nth. such a gatsby like atmosphere

this kling photoshoot fro their summer catalog describes my current state of atmost laziness

26 April 2010

chinese romance

well, i'm really into editorials these days_ there is sth more than fashion in them, and that's what fascinates me. every one of them has a story to tell.so, that's it! new stories, new places, new cultures. after a while it is even possible to tell the photographers apart.

Liu Wen and Mathilde Frachon
Elle China
May 2010

25 April 2010


a favourite editorial from back 2008

Editorial: Trail Blazers
Ph: Mario Testino
Models: Daria & Lily
Fashion editor: Lucinda Chambers