29 April 2009



i am naiad and this is my first post in my new blog.
after serious consideration what it should be about,the answer seems now rather obvious... well of course bikinis. i am one of those who are always trying, strangling to find the perfect pair. it's always impossible,it never gets easier:(

that is why as soon as i checked some websites i felt the urge to let you know. 
so here they come -

try definitelly net-a-porter.com and the new and ingenious clickini.com

and always bear in mind that this season everything goes.

florals, roses and teapots-animal prints never get out of style-bright colours-white or pastel ones, i always loved "naked"dresses- warrior bathing suits

just mix and match and don't forget to have fun

that's what summer is all about- find the perfect bikini and have fun