31 August 2011

the last day of summer

so this is august 31th
the last day of summer!

i hope it gets less sunny- less freakin' hot
i can't w8 for the first rains!
i already dream of my winter wardrobe- the knits- maybe this year i could buy a fake fur scarf (arghhh who am i kidding- i don't need a fur scarf in greece!!!!!)

anyway that's the mood for the moment!

these are some pics from my sicily vacation- it was terribly hot and i was in pain- i fell in the most stupid and childish way and hurt my knees!!!! but mostly it was fun!!!

oh today it's a happy day because my friend ariadne is here- she just finished her 3 month internship in the netherlands- her summer vacation has just started the moment i decided to start avoiding summer!!!!

that's what i call a difficult situation!

19 August 2011

Batmosphere multi drop necklace

i consider myself a batman junkie- i love everything related to the dark knight- t shirts, jewelry, halloween costumes-

here's a necklace from tatty devine
This mini bat necklace is as small and cute as a pipistrelle. Eley Kishimoto invited Tatty Devine to create a range of jewellery inspired by their latest prints, and this is based on a print called Batmosphere. Includes a perspex Eley Kishimoto logo tag at the clasp.

18 August 2011

le voyage creatif

lately i've become obsessed with jewelry, bracelets and necklaces in particular .
this is an etsy shop i recently discovered, it is called 
"le voyage creatif". check it out_ my favorite is the oslo necklace!