31 March 2012

03312012| seaside preview

 i can't  help it but sing "seaside" (the kooks) every time i spend a great afternoon by the sea! more photos tomorrow!!! busy afternoon ahead me!

29 March 2012

special discount!

sheinside is offering all my readers 20% off to all their purchases till april 30. all you have to do is enter the coupon code kon20 at checkout!
ps. floral outfit post scheduled for tomorrow!

23 March 2012


so do you remember my pink coat? of course you do- i have overposted it- which means that i have to stop posting about it- it's against all the bloggers rules- anyway i have to stop saying random stuff and get my thoughts together (since i started re watching gilmore girls, putting my thoughts together and uttering stuff that make sense, seems impossible)

anyway all i want to say it that sheinside is offering all my readers 20% off to all their purchases till april 30. all you have to do is enter the coupon code kon20 at checkout!
check out their store by click here
hint: they have the most amazing collection of outerwear
coat: sheinside
loafers: asos
clutch: fiorelli
pants: zara

22 March 2012


new outfit post coming tomorrow!!!
stay tuned

18 March 2012

sunny sunday

*have a great sunday everybody*

16 March 2012

14032012| a touch of pink

my pink outfit!
we had an opening of an architecture exhibition this week! after tons of carrying and organizing (lectures, invitations and stuff) wednesday arrived and the only issue was the dress code!

it had to be a bit formal, a bit arty, but not too much!
my new sheinside coat seemed like the perfect key piece! 
coat: sheinside
bag: romwe
loafers: asos
top: zara

15 March 2012

a touch of pink| preview

coat: sheinside

i got a feeling i will be wearing a lot of this amazing coat, i recently acquired thanks to sheinside- my latest online store obsession!

outfit post tomorrow!
stay tuned

ps. i don't know about you but there is a strange comfort in wearing bright colors while spring is approaching! i makes me feel that each day is warmer than the last one, which is clearly a sartorial illusion!

11 March 2012

floral pants| yer or no?

must or must not?

since i started posting outfit in this blog i find it harder and harder not to get carried away by each season's trends!
i find myself drawn to items i previously despised- 
here is an example of my train of thought
seriously sneaker wedges? sneaker wedges...wait, the ones from topshop look rather cute. maybe with my new pair of gray jeans- oh god i have to have them now!

i think my fashion radar is completely off-


9 March 2012

state of grace on tumblr

 hey guys!
i started a tumblr to share my daily inspiration- all those things i keep in folders hidden somewhere deep in my imac!
so here's what i currently find mind-blowing inspiring!

to acces stateofgrace on tumblr click here

7 March 2012

march wish list

this is my march wish list- since i recently started going to the gym( god will time make it any easier?), this month i can see myself drawn to a more laid back attitude and comfy clothes.
for more info on the items above click on the image!

i'm currently obsessed with the ATHLETE Wedge Heel Trainers from topshop and the amazing Nick Munro Unisex watch

4 March 2012

03032012| why do architects wear black?

they say that architects wear black- there is even a book called "why do architects wear black?" you can find it here!

as you see i'm no exception to the rule
when in doubt i always chose black- this time though i added a splash of sparkly red, my new furla bag & a scarf i made earlier this year!

candy bag: furla
sweater: ralph lauren
waxed jeans: zara

2 March 2012

NEW IN| candy

not only my thesis presentation went terribly good but then my parents surprised me with the most amazing gift!
i love-love-love it!
the sparkly red reminds me of dorothy's slippers on the wizard of oz! 

candy bag: furla

1 March 2012

NEW IN| NEW MONTH| bloglovin

IT LOOKS LIKE MY BLOG WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED WITH GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT STARTING TODAY… which means that my 413 followers will no longer see the updates of my blog through this widget. luckily my blog also supports bloglovin’ so you can still keep track with every article that goes online on this blog + it’s very easy to use!
(you do need to create an account if you don’t have already one)
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