18 May 2009

audrey + no5

Watch the new short film for chanel no5 with Audrey Tautou which will debut as TV ads soon. The mood is definitely romantic with trains, longing looks, and an exotic locale such as Istanbul. Amelie director, Jean-Pierre Jeunet brings a softer, romantic side to Chanel No. 5, a stark contrast to the glitz and glamourous ads starring Nicole Kidman as well as the ones from the 80's with Carole Bouquet. the whole thing reminded me strongly of mysterious agatha christie's tales!!!
the song is billie holiday's  I'M A FOOL TO WANT YOU

i'm not sure i like this add better than the previous ones... the nicole kidman add was absolutelly amazing, featuring claire de lune, my all time favourite piano classic.

one thing is for sure... i can't wait to see the movies



  1. she needs no CHANEL clothes to wear... she can simply smile!