8 May 2009

MoMA online store

engagement ring???
pixel-ize me
diana F, lomo camera
for more information check ------> lomography.com/

laser cut necklace
corallo bag
re- masterpiece bag

wooden clutch, american hickory wood

bubble necklace

i just visited the MoMA online store + i found some fabulous stuff!!!\

you should definitelly take a look----> http://www.momastore.org

i guess they are rather over-priced but totally worth-it
i just love those champagne glasses!!!!!

ps. another online store which i adore is Victoria&Albert online store.
it's the store of Victoria and Albert museum in london. there you can find absolutelly gorgeous and vintage stuff from current exhibitions. take a look at Stephen Jones hats. click here



  1. nice necklases! very arty!!

  2. i adore diana f....

    orees i tote bags.. :)

  3. oh nai oi tote bags einai teleies. eidika i apo piso-oxi toso i roz. teleia einai kai i tsanta apo sirma
    nomizo i epomeni agora mou einai mia diana f

  4. love the unique items MoMa sells! i would totally rock the faux engagement ring!

  5. kego diana f i8ela na paro ala kateli3a stn colorsplash...ala pou 8a pai... :P

  6. a beloved friend of mine bought a lomo fish eye camera and is totally awesome + terribly funny. i am actually thinkinf of posting about lomography

  7. they have those engagement rings in acrylic/ they are much much cheaper and at the same time fabulous. i wish i knew my ring size!

  8. the engagement ring is really cute!!!!i tagged you!xxx