29 September 2010

Poenza Schouler: behind the scenes

source: JAK and JIL

oh how i love the behind the scenes photo shoots- it's like having a person u greatly admire inviting you in their house

and i greatly admire POENZA SCOULER- especially their spring summer 2011 collection- the colors! ah the colors- this spring i want to be dressed in stabilo colors

17 September 2010

fashion week

argh i'm in the gloomiest mood lately- i actually blame my uni exams and the fact i have spent the last 15 days in my room making stupid models for stupid architecture school

anyway, back to what i was saying- one of the things that depresses me more and more is ny fashion week- yeah i find it depressing because everybody is blogging about how awesome it is and then i feel the lack of awesomeness from my life

so here are some my favorite pics- not the shows- but the people

*** i want to thank lovely lilette for tagging me i am preparing a 10 thing i hate post:)

10 September 2010

j crew once again

the j crew winter collection has once again charmed me-

 it's probably because their clothes invite you to 
dress up instead of dressing down

why should one wait for saturday night to wear that skirt?
who said that sweatpants are only for the gym?
why not mix and match the silk dress with the motorbike boots?
what happened to the creative stylistic freedom that once fashion was all about?
who makes the rules?

9 September 2010

the New Yorkers

i barely shop from my-wardrobe.com

almost never- anyway lately i consider it too be overpriced- the clothes are amazing i couldn't agree more BUT the prices are scary, scarier that in other e-stores(even if we are talking about the same clothes)

lately i have discovered their magazine and most of the time i am overwhelmed by the features

donc voila! here are some of my favorite new yorkers, directly from there



5 September 2010

The Cambridge Satchel Company Takes Grown-Ups Back to School

Folks at the Cambridge Satchel Company are used to having their hands full at this time of year, although the recent spike in orders has little to do with a back-to-school scramble. As adults everywhere funnel their classroom memories through boy blazers to box pleats, the British bagmakers are ramping up production to meet the new and very grown-up demand for their satchels.
source: vogue.com

so what do you think? is it not adorable??? the colour is amazing- bright yellow is another favorite option of mine :)

now that schools are about to start this satchel brings back school memories

4 September 2010

Coco Rocha essentials

i had quite missed coco rocha- she has a quality i really like- could it be that she used to take part in Irish dance competitions??? hahaha  i find that extremelly funny- crazy awesome canadians!!!

anyway here's a photoshoot with winter's alltime classic essentials