31 October 2010

juliette hogan, delights from auckland

sometimes i hate the internet because you realise some things are so far far away- like auckland!

auckland is definitely far away, which usually is of no concern to me- i don't really want to visit auckland. melbourne and Sydney yes, but not auckland. i'm not saying auckland is not worth a visit, it just is third on my list

but then i discovered Juliette Hogan, an amazing brand based on auckland!

26 October 2010

fashion's night in!

vogue is introducing fashion's night in with amazing discount and exclusive offers at your favorite online stores like


and many many more!!!

yay, i can't w8

25 October 2010

favorite winter looks

i 'm down with an awful flu- it's because i went rafting yesterday- which was sooo much fun but now the flu is not so fun:(
so i'm having a lot of free time and thinking about my favorite winter looks

stella mccartney and giambattista valli are the first ones i heve to mention

from giambattista valli

from Stella McCartney

24 October 2010

casual chic dries

from the dries van noten show!

My Own Private Idaho

My Own Private Idaho
Photographer: Alasdair McLellan
Magazine:Vogue UK November 2010

english rose

an old photoshoot from back 2004- but it's a dream- my frinds and i in the english countryside visiting amazing old houses!