20 May 2009

coco on the lido


there is no doubt that 2009 is coco's year... chanel resort collection held in venice was a sensation

When Coco Chanel first visited Venice in 1919 to ease the pain of her lover Boy Capel sudden death, she immediately fell in love with the city. It became her favourite summer haunts. For Chanel Cruise 2010 collection Karl Lagerfeld decided to go back to Venice to capture the romantic and poetic Chanel moment and reinvent the mystique.

"i wanted to reinvent the mystique," said Karl Lagerfeld, talking about locating the collection in one of Coco Chanel's favorite summer haunts

the 350 guests reclining on sun beds in the famous white tented cabanas certainly felt the privilideg to be witnessing the extreme glamour of the designer's learned- but-light invocation of an important part of Coco Chanel's biography, one that was overlaid with passing allusions to Visconti, Fellini, the Venice carnival, and the city's art treasures

18 May 2009

audrey + no5

Watch the new short film for chanel no5 with Audrey Tautou which will debut as TV ads soon. The mood is definitely romantic with trains, longing looks, and an exotic locale such as Istanbul. Amelie director, Jean-Pierre Jeunet brings a softer, romantic side to Chanel No. 5, a stark contrast to the glitz and glamourous ads starring Nicole Kidman as well as the ones from the 80's with Carole Bouquet. the whole thing reminded me strongly of mysterious agatha christie's tales!!!
the song is billie holiday's  I'M A FOOL TO WANT YOU

i'm not sure i like this add better than the previous ones... the nicole kidman add was absolutelly amazing, featuring claire de lune, my all time favourite piano classic.

one thing is for sure... i can't wait to see the movies


17 May 2009

havaianas craze

yesterday my always stylish cousin, who currently lives in brussels announced me that she had just bought a new pair of havaianas, a rather odd thing to do in brussels, as it's always raining!

that is why, when this morning i run into these havaianas adds i couldn't resist the temptation to post them.

i hope you enjoy those adds as much as i do

15 May 2009

Stella McCartney for net-a-porter

i know.... i made a post this morning... but i definitelly have to post again!!!

i just discovered the clothes that Stella McCartney designed exclusivelly for net-a-porter and i have to share them with you...

Stella McCartney for NET-A-PORTER.com, the collection designed by Stella McCartney (who -btw- does not use any fur or leather in her products!) will be exclusive for NET-A-PORTER.com is presented in 4 artistic and beautiful videos, each displayed over 4 days revealing part of the collection. The 23-piece capsule collection (featuring17 ready-to-wear pieces, two shoes and handbag styles, a belt and a little girl’s sundress) mixes elements of the Stella McCartney S/s 09' collection  with an artsy twist featuring sharp cut blazers and embellished flowy dresses. Pop legend Sir Peter Blake has also created an exclusive quirky cloud print which will be available on many items including t-shirts, dresses and wedges. We lovelovelove the mix of sophisticated (shown in the sharp cut blazers and pants) and fun (show in the flowy dresses, wedges and quirky cloud print) displayed so well in many of the items.

here's my favourite videos, POEM + KITES- after half an hour trying to upload them i decided 2 go 2 sleep. SO CLICK HERE

Kate Spade colourful adds

oh, how much do i love those kate spade adds! sometimes i think that if i'd like to live in an add then i would like to live inside one of them. the women are always so colourful and overdressed in a chic and alluring way.

the new head of kate spade, Deborah Lloyd, in an interview at june's bazaar states that "entering the metro station in an evening outfit.... that is the philosophy behind kate spade"

13 May 2009

...nothing is original...

-read this-

just found this a few days ago. jim jarmusch is a favourite director with movies that always give you something to think about.

as soon as i read this i started thinking about fashion- they say that fashion moves in cycles. they also say that it's not what you wear but how you wear it. 
 i also started thinking about the importance of being eccentric, different. living in the small sub urban city of patras, with all its prejudices against anything new, sometimes i feel that wearing a strange outfit, something that spurs your imagination isn't that safe. everything that isn't not ordinary is immediatelly concidered to be trying to prove something nonexistent. 

jarmusch's views inspire me- make me feel that i don't have to be original in order to be true. create no matter what, just create: that seems to be his motto- that is the best way to achieve, in film industry, fashion, architecture, or everyday life.

a friend of mine told me the other day

- it's not a safe place to be, it's not a comfortable place to be.
but for an elite few it's the only place worth being-

8 May 2009

MoMA online store

engagement ring???
pixel-ize me
diana F, lomo camera
for more information check ------> lomography.com/

laser cut necklace
corallo bag
re- masterpiece bag

wooden clutch, american hickory wood

bubble necklace

i just visited the MoMA online store + i found some fabulous stuff!!!\

you should definitelly take a look----> http://www.momastore.org

i guess they are rather over-priced but totally worth-it
i just love those champagne glasses!!!!!

ps. another online store which i adore is Victoria&Albert online store.
it's the store of Victoria and Albert museum in london. there you can find absolutelly gorgeous and vintage stuff from current exhibitions. take a look at Stephen Jones hats. click here


6 May 2009

"...what a swell party this is.."

slim aarons




last sunday morning while sipping a cup of coffee and running throught the pages of a magazine i saw some astonishing pictures, taken by a photographer called Slim Aarons. As soon as i finished my breakfast i decided i should do some search and i ended up creating an "aaron slims" folder in my desktop with tones of photos inside. 

aaron slims is an american jet set photographer, a chronicler of the good life as lived by the upper classes and the aristocracy in the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. in his photos the women are beautiful and exquisitely dreessed, the men handsome and poised. the houses range from european palazzos and castles to palm beach to suburban  and southhampton castles. Slim brought a photojournalist's eye to the art of formal society portaiture, posing his subjects as still life, in their magnificent environments. Affable and stylish, Aarons after the war, photographed for town and country, hioliday, vogue e.t.c, chrystilizing a vanishing world. 

his photos seem to me so familiar, so dazzling. it's not only because of the fashion. it's the architecture, the movies, the music i love in them

here's a strangely familiar vogue photoshoot and a luis vuitton add, i adore


"... in a way he was like the country he lived in. 
everything came too easily. at least he knew it. 
about once a month he worried he was a fraud..."

3 May 2009

Comic Relief T-shirts from Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney has designed a range 
of limited edition T-shirts for Comic Relief that feature 
unique photographs taken by her late mother, Linda.

Sir Paul McCartney and his bandmates taken 
at the height of The Beatles' fame.

Morecambe and Wise, the comic duo, captured
 by David Bailey, the veteran photographer.


On Red Nose Day, 13 of March, TK Maxx stores were full of people. Everyone was trying to buy the magnificent t-shirts Stella McCartney designed for the day. 

The moto of the day was WEAR SOMETHING FUNNY FOR MONEY

The T-shirts, priced from £5.99 for babies and children, and from £9.99 for adults, will go on sale on Monday at 214 TK Maxx stores nationwide, with all net profits from sales going to Comic Relief ahead of Red Nose Day on March 13.

Its charitable activities range from supporting orphans in Africa who have lost their parents to Aids or helping older people in the UK who are abused by someone they should be able to trust.

Miss McCartney said: "It's a real honour to be involved in such a tremendous cause and be a part of the Red Nose Day campaign 2009. The designs of the T-shirts were inspired by iconic images of iconic people by iconic photographers and adding an element of humour to them."

Keira Knightley on the add is as funny as ever. i hope you enjoy the photos as much as i do.



1 May 2009

kirsten, the new keira?

*for my friend, adi

several months ago my best friend, ari, adi or couri -it doesn't really matter what her name is- made me watch this movie, "twilight". i was reluctant at first, the trailer seemed utterly ridiculous. i went since i love movies and my friend too. the movie finished and we both had the silliest smile- the kind of smile girls have when they think they are falling in love with some movie guy.

pattinson, adi said, is the new darcy

--what i haven't told you about my friend is that she studies abroad, in the uk.---

 we fell for pattinson, she left for uk and then came back for her easter break. in the meantime she had read the twilight saga several times. i told her to get a life and then couri did sth peculiar. she googled the name "kirsten stewart". of course i remembered her. she was bella from the movie, bella which seemed rather ordinary, even plain!

well i couldn't have being more wrong. ari and i watched twilight again, then "in the land of women", "jumper" and "what just happened". 

i immediatelly realised that kirsten is a great young actress, a down 2 earth individual and a fashion icon too. she always seems so young, fresh, classy in a casual and carefree way, feminine but still a teenager. her fashion photoshoots are always magnificent, her interviews give you sth to thing about and her public appearences are fun. what strikes me the most is that she almost has an ordinary life and a professionalism that most actors her age lack.

my friend left for uk again, but i still google "kirsten stewart". could it be that i miss couri? i like to think not. 

kirsten is definitelly an actress and fashion icon to watch. in many ways she does remind me of another young girl in "bend it like beckham", the now amazing keira knightley.

for the time being, i simply cannot wait to watch :adventureland: and of course for my friend to be back