21 June 2010

magnificent obsession

i discovered this editorial thanks to amazing new blogger Angie from chasing kites

so here it is

magnificent obsession
us vogue july issue 2010

"...The fall collections' most vivid moments had all the autumnal brilliance of a 1950s domestic drama. Starring Ewan McGregor and Natalia Vodianova..."

20 June 2010

COS store!!!

yeah that's right! that's where i spend half of my rent money today!!!

but i am still excited caus' i discovered one of the most amazing clothing's brand ever:)

the store itself is a delight and i can't w8 for the sales to start- the clothes are not expensive not at all( a dress may cost 65 euros). but what i like about COS  is the clean lines, the structure, geometry...

so check the website and the blog

19 June 2010


i found this editorial in rackk and ruin one of my favourite blogs- it's about summer- friendship- and having fun

since my bf is arriving tomorrow to spend the next three weeks in rainy brussels this editorial is very special to me!

portrait of the artist

With a new film out this month, French siren and Oscar winner Marion Cotillard reveals to Joan Juliet Buck her passion for music and Modigliani—and her true bohemian spirit