30 November 2010

introducing: charlotte olympia pumps

sometimes i wish i could walk properly- it seams that most of the times instead of walking, i  jump around or hop. i blame of course my teenage converse years and my UGG mania

but one thing is sure- if i could walk like a proper female then i would love those shoes- at first i read charlotte olympia's interview on this month's bazaar, then i saw the shoes on net-a-porter.

what i love mostly is the bizarre geometrical platform!
for the interview click here

29 November 2010

melissa bow booties

these fairytale boots are the reason i cannot use my phone anymore- i bought them instead of paying my telephone bill and now every time i try to call sb all i can hear is the most annoying buzzing sound!

but i love them + i think the no telephone situation is a terrific opportunity for me to reduce  future  use of my mobile

28 November 2010

shigeru umebayashi in athens!

i'm not here to tell u how great this movie is, or how much it affected me. 
or talk about the amazingness of mr ford. 
or inform you that the book is even greater as most books are

but if you watched the film then you must remember the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack- Shigeru Umebayashi is a pure genius- he has written music for won kar wai, 2046, in the mood for love etc etc
next weekend he appears in a athens- make sure you don't miss it! here's a link if u r interested

sunday morning

...Sunday morning rain is falling...

i found this editorial through leeselooks and i love it!

that's how i like to spend my sunday mornings- waking up late- drinking tons of coffee- then meeting friends, wandering around town!

so have a nice sunday everybody!
ps. if u are studying u should definitely stop and enjoy your sunday morning!

27 November 2010


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a crazy adult in possession of  great style, must be in want of an even crazier watch

the new gent collection!!!
 anne flore marxer watch
 playa look watch
too many memories

you stop you die

26 November 2010

temps libre

temps libre

that's how i spend my mornings lately- turn on my iMac-a huge cup of tea on my favorite Starbucks mag-while reading my favorite blogs, your blogs

blue is the color of dreams

blue is the color of dreams

25 November 2010

tiffany+snow+ny+diamond craving

what's wrong with me? every christmas i start thinking about diamonds+tiffany+ny+ snow
that's why this year i am seriously considering instead of xmas cards, sending the following tiffany xmas adds
they capture my current capitalistic festive mood exactly

so what are the chances of a tiffany store opening in greece during this horrible economic crisis? none i'm afraid:(

one can only dream of the blue box!

The Tiffany holiday ad campaign has made its debut. A celebration of the joy of true love, the warm embrace of family and the magic of the season in New York, the striking scenarios were shot by renowned photographer Peter Lindbergh and feature models Doutzen Kroes and Inés Sastre as well as motion picture star Patrick Wilson and actor Neal Bledsoe

21 November 2010

aerie undies

i just realized that all my aerie undies i had bought 2 years ago from the states are utterly destroyed+ i need new ones!

so i am adding them to my gift list for this xmas!

what about you what's your favorite undies' brand?

19 November 2010

first polyvore set- potter mood

because sometimes a dark mood is all i need- i'm watching harry potter tommorow!!!!!

ps.i just used polyvore! and i love it!!!!!

darker days sunnier nights

18 November 2010

punk's not dead

i am always wearing my leather jacket + heavy eyeliner these days:)
i don't look remotely as sexy as bambi though:(

source:style.com, jakandjil