30 November 2011


the perfect morning!
walking aimlessly at the city with my camera at hand
you never know what will catch your eye
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29 November 2011

in the mood for...

favorite album at the moment!!!
i love she&him!!! 

listening now: "baby it's cold outside"

check out the ultimate stateofgrace christmas playlist below
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27 November 2011

1,2,3,4 go!

black n white outfit! i thought that this colorful wall was the perfect setting for some photos!!!

featuring 2 of my favorite items

1.  wet effect skinny jeans!!!
2. harlequin stripes top from COS 

top: cos
hat: h&m
jeans: zara
coat: lak

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22 November 2011


i don't consider myself the domestic type- i love junk food- mcdonalds- anything unhealthy is my thing

but this weekend i thought "why not? give it a try?"
it took me aprox 2 hours but the result was worth the try!
cinnamon rolls are the best!!!!
click here for the recipe 

i think that xmas cookies are next on my list and then macarons or maybe cupcakes. rather ambitious of me!

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21 November 2011

slippers; the new ballet flats?


love it or leave it?

 as for me, i desperately want to buy a pair

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that's how scary i look in the mornings!
when it's freezing outside my best friend is this oversized scarf i bought some winters ago from h&m.
you see i have to protect my nose if i don't want it to turn into a carrot nose. because then i will have to put some weight and accept my role as this winter's snowman!

seriously why am i so cold all the time?

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19 November 2011

new icon: lucy chadwick

source: lefashion

let's say that for the last few days i have watched the video and posted it on friends' profiles on Facebook a thousand times. 

lucy chadwick is all i aspire to be in some years! she is really stylish and chic. - when she talks about art, architecture and house renovations i want to grab a paintbrush and start creating!
this video is shot for zara by the selby. enjoy!

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18 November 2011


yes that's my latest obsession / nowhere/the amazing  new nordic brand.

make sure you buy your xmas gift on time because soon enough those amazing nowhere clothes will be nowhere to be found. for the online store click here

source: columbine

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15 November 2011


i won's start screaming |oh|my|god|how|i|love|neon|colors| the title makes it rather obvious

but still i felt the sudden urge to post about it

every self respected blogger has posted at least one neon outfit
chiara, andy and my favorite nicole!

what about me? nth neon in my wardrobe!
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14 November 2011


pics from my bedroom- i keep reminding my self that i am supposed to study really hard and not take pics for my blog

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11 November 2011

track pants

it doesn't get any more comfortable

track pants + huge knit + wedges= comfy but stylish

i have always been afraid of track pants- when work with flats i look like i'm on my way to the gym!

but when i tried them out with my desert boots i instantly loved the look!

both pants and knit are from zara

would you consider track pants a stylish everyday choice?

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9 November 2011

gold laces

gold laces made my converse happy!they made  me happy too! 

what do you think?to gold or not to gold?
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7 November 2011

everyday flapper

that's the sartorial outcome of days of listening to swing and re-reading all of francis scott Fitzgerald's novels

and here's my swing playlist! enjoy!!!

6 November 2011


november for me is about being comfy

1. chunky knits, cable knitted or fairisle shorts, a warm coat and magic shoes

2. sparkly shoes make everything so much fun!!!

3. and don't forget the huge bag- there is always enought space for your yarn and needles!

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5 November 2011

2 stories/ 2 sketches/ 1 skirt

story1: the pencil skirt

i used to consider pencil skirts boring- anyway not for my lifestyle. i'm neither librarian not a secretary- so i was pretty sure that i would never ever wear one

but this season something changed- i fell in love with knits and suddenly it dawned on me- 
a huge knit+ a pencil skirt+ heels= perfection

story2: sketching
i have in my room tons of dossiers full of sketches- i started with princess at the age of 5. when i was 10 i decided that the best princess ever was eowyn from lord of the rings so for the next 2 years i did that- after that fashion got me and when i turned 18 i decided that thae closest thing to fashion i could do in greece was architecture- i still sketch- not buildings- clothes
so i can't help but wonder...
after i graduate this year maybe i should try a different direction and apply for fashion schools as well.

this is why i thought 
what the hell? sketch for the blog, girl!
what do you think?it's a but garancedoresque i know:(
source: columbine

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3 November 2011

library monday

tan tan tan(drums playing)

           ladies and gentlemen

please welcome the awesome, grand, sensational...

ladies and gentlemen i give you the

new library.

this semester i am supposed to write my thesis- so when they told me that a grand new opening was expected last monday for our new architecture library i jumped off my clothes, i wore a rather fancy but uni acceptable outfit, grabbed my library card and in no time i was there!
only to discover that you have to smuggle your coffee in:(
well i guess u cannot have it all!!!

have a good day! i'm off to library!!!!!

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