8 July 2009

summer essentials

i found myself packing the other day. i wanted it to be light + meaningful- not 3 pairs of summer sandals this time, not jeans since i never wear them in july + definitelly not any heavy things i'll probably won't need....

i'm not heading for the jungle after all- it's highly possible that if i forget sth essential, i'll be able to buy a new one!!!

so here's my top five things when it comes to summer paching essentials

1. the playsuit, the belt, the huge hatbox(it comes with a panama hat) etc etc
2. the amazing dress along with the day + night clutch
3. the bikini
4. fave perfume, currently "la vie en rose" flowerbomb from V&R
5. the perfect sandals

please let me know

what are your top five summer essentials?????


  1. 1.bikini
    4.bronze goddess from estee lauder
    5.coctails :)Pppp
    actually i am doing a post trying to find what i am going to take with me also so you must help me too!!!

  2. 1.Lots of bikinis
    2.Aviator sunglasses
    3.Cute summer dresses that I can wear day and night
    4.Long necklaces with beads and charms
    5.High heels for going out at night

    Love the sketches! Sometimes I also do wish-lists or travel-lists by drawing the things I want instead of writing them down.

  3. 1.white broderie anglaise dresses
    2.Coppertone (oh this smell)
    3.jelly sandals
    4.colourful nails
    5.strawberry daquiries!!

    xoxo C.