2 July 2009

tales of pink

i have to admit- i'm not a big fun of pink- i used to
when i was like 10 years old but then growing up
i started thinking that it was too girly + and people
wouldn't take me seriously if i looked like a child,....

that was till i saw the dress above in the pages of a
magazine- a christopher kane PINK
amazing + bewitching dress from his spring 2009

and then i remembered! two years a ago- in the pink
days of my youth- i had bought this tristan+iseult
dress. i thought i looked like a ballarina in it so i
bought it. it was deep in my closet-hidden almost.

i don't think i'll be able to stop wearing it for the rest
of the summer, because i just realised that....



  1. and may i say wow!!!!you look fabulous!really!πολύ ωραίο φόρεμα να το φοράς πιο συχνά!μ αρέσει και η εικαστική παρέμβαση στο καπέλο...

  2. to forema eivai pavemorfo!!!!!!apo katastnma edw ellada, n' apo to internet???pou mborw va Brw kati tetoio??eivai zaxarevio , eivai oveiro...

  3. to eixa parei apo canada + tis proalles pou to 8imi8ika epsaxna ti marka sto internet kai den mou evgaze tipota. "tristan and iseult" leei to label. to mono pou mou evgaze itan gia ton mi8o tristanou kai izoldis:(an vreis tpt. let me know

  4. to forema diko sou???

    apla telio...

    romadiko..poli retro.. :)

  5. Polu omorfo forema!!! An vreis perissoteres plirofories krata mas enimeres!!