22 July 2009

green is not a colour

1. am i the only one who adores such statements on t-shirts? such simple truths which when stated become impossibly powerfull???

i totally fell for this t-shirt- it's a white tee after all, one can never get enough... actually i just bought it:)

CARE- stella mccartney

2. i always thought the add above poetical- "one touch of nature makes the whole world kin" shakespeare said.

the idea of green cosmetics is certainly not new, "thank you body shop for introducing "community trade" decades ago."

vogue- the gree issue

3. Diaz never stops to amaze me! apart from her wardrobe choices and her bold statements ( "... i don't have children + not all women feel the need to have- it's their total right...", she is a steadfast environmentalist and a role model for those seeking a greener lifestyle

this is the trailer for her new documentary

4. one should never forget the bag above - a simple tote, which i believe shook the fashion world whith it's statement

5. gigele poses in this magnificent loyale aqua blue bikini-loyale introduces low impact dye- a lot less chemical intensive, which is better for the environment and the people who work with it:)

who said organic has to be white?

what i need to ask- is it me or organic usually comes with a higher price?

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  1. I love Cameron Diaz, possibly one of the coolest stars that ever lived! Cool, simple, honest, easy-going and spiritual. My dream date.

    Nadia the enviromentalist!