19 July 2009

prada transformer

most of the times i think about fashion, i stop thinking about it + immediatelly start nagging at my parents blaming them that they didn't let me study it, but instead made me choose architecture.
after millions of hours spent in autocad, cursing every living creature around me + many many too many models, i almost think i like it- i am seriously thinking of combining FASHION + ARCHITECTURE later on and studying sth new

that is why when i found this article on designboom, i had to share it with you

prada and rem koolhaas’s OMA have unveiled their latest project the ‘prada transformer’. the structure is
designed to accommodate a series of events in seoul, south korea from march to july 2009. the tetrahedron
has four different configurations which can simply be switched by rotating the structure with construction
cranes. the structure is thus designed so floors can become walls and walls become ceilings. the ‘prada
transformer’ will be realized with the support of LG electronics, hyundai motor company and red resource
and it will be located next to the traditional 16th century kyeonghee palace in seoul.

this is what mr koolhaas, famous starchitect said

‘the interesting thing about this building is the acknowledgement of the transformer as a dynamic organism,
opposed to simply a static object, which arbitrarily fits program. prada transformer helps add an extra
dimension regarding the treatment of this typology by allowing it to be moulded in real time, depending on the
specific programs it intends to facilitate inside.
– rem koolhaas

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