8 May 2010

wearing a mask

i've ben unable to post this last feww days- mainly because i had nth to say.

the current events in greece, people protesting, people dying, politician lying, have left me speechless.

clothes seemed to me not only of no importance, but somehow helping the events above.

wearing a mask means you have to hide your identity because u are about to do sth you shouldn't do in the first place.

and its not only anarchists you wear a mask- it's everyday people. greek people. we are all wearing a mask. we are hiding because we want to put the blame on sb else. "the economic situation is not our fault, the sneeky politicians is not our fault,tax evasion is not our fault, nth is our fault, sb else is to blame"

don't get me wrong. i love greece, i love my country, i love its people. but at the end of the day i felt only ashamed of being greek.

my bf ariadne, attended a party in cambridge where she studies. the theme was "politics". everybody was there. che, stalin, fidel and this english dude wearing a scarf on his face, jeans and a t shirt. he came to the party dressed as GREEK.

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