4 May 2010

american vintage vid

since studying is out of the question right now (seriously how can anyone study when the weather is that great?)
here is a video i can't stop watching since yesterday

american vintage spring/ summer 2010
make sure you click the link above- the music in their english site is so much fun!

the girl on the video is ivy from 90210, for anyone of you watching the show

1 comment:

  1. naiiiiiiiiii tin katalaba kai ithela na to sxoliaso alla me prolabes...
    oraio blog...by the way...
    entometaksi den iksera oti einai kai montelo auti nomiza oti einai konti xixi
    ta amerixan vintage apla love...apo tote pou ta anakalipsa prin apo merika xronia..