8 May 2010

Le cirque

Photographer: Wendy Bevan
Stylist: Elisabetta Massari
Model: Sophie Vlaming

In my rebellious youth, I used to get mad and want to run away to join the circus. I wanted to be a trapeze artist, but quickly learned that it was nearly impossible due to my scrawny arms and fear of heights. But, if the circus I imagined was anything like the one portrayed in Marie Claire Italia’s recent editorial, I would have worked to perfect another freaky talent and gone a long time ago. I love the nostalgic and the hand-tinted feel of the images, as well as Sophie Vlaming’s classic and mysterious look, consisting of perfectly-waved hair, a bowler hat and dark, glossy lips. Maybe I can still follow my dream—though I’m doubting I’d find Louboutins andArmani when I got there.

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