11 June 2009

Antwerp: "Paper Fashion"

the poster

the museum
The underground: Travis Hutchison’s pictures

The letter: “Airmail Dress”, Hussein Chalayan
Poetry: “Uptown NY”, Allen Ginsberg

i think i adore belgium, especially it's north region,
since i'm not a big fan of french. i always dreamt
of speaking flemish, i adored the dutch artists, such
as vermeer(and colin firth in that movie) + wish my
children to be raised in such a foreigh soil, where they
can spend ther time eating waffles and learning many
many languages!

to the thhings above i have to add the anwerp's fashion stage.
one must always remember the great fashion school at the
oh i'd love to study there!!!

these photos above are from a fashion exhibition currently
held at momu.

On 21 September 2002 the Modemuseum Provincie
Antwerpen opened its doors in the ModeNatie (Fashion
Nation), a renovated historical building in the centre of
Antwerp.The building also accommodates the Flanders
Fashion Institute, the fashion department of the Hogeschool
Antwerpen, the bookshop Copyright and Yohji Yamamoto Inc.

u can find some of those fab dresses on the
online la redoute store!!!

not at all the typical antwerpen's cityscape-
worth mentioning though- a city creating poetry
out of ruins


  1. AMAZING post!!! Do you know if we can buy those dresses from greece?

  2. what i understand, since i hardly speak french, is that LA REDOUTE collaborates with momu + after the exhibition ends LA REDOUTE will create similar ones and sell them. i'm not sure though--- glad u like it :)