25 May 2011

what a season_ to be beautiful without a reason

although i'd like to pretend that for these photos i went deep into the wilderness, i cannot lie to you-i'm actually in the campus, just outside my school's building!

for the last 3 weeks i spend entire days there- always in front of my computer doing sth architecture related-outside the window everything seems so colorful! 

so one day i said "enough is enough- u have to go there-see for yourself"- 

shortly after a bee attacked me (so typical, bees and football balls always attack me))so after 10 minutes + 10 pictures taken i sat once again in front of my pc screen

i'm listening to Now Mary from the white stripes_ that's where the title comes from

top: COS
shorts: ZARA
bag: vintage
shoes: melissa flats
hat: vintage


  1. CUTE!! geia sou molis tora anakalipsa to blog sou apo to comment sou!! maresei poly! autes oi photos einai poly omorfes!! ur hat and bag are so so cute!!

    love ur blog in general!! i am ur newest follower!! kalo vradi xx

  2. gorgeous scenery tho! even tho it's just outside of your school. love your hat! and i love the white stripes!


  3. loved it! summer mood <3

    i have a new post if you want to check!
    love, Katheryn


  4. I looooove your photos!!!I just follow your lovely glog giiirl :-))


  5. Για άλλη μια φορά το outfit ταιριάζει απόλυτα με το περιβάλλον!!

  6. Thank you so much for your comment :)
    Your outfit is great, and I loooove your blog !