15 May 2011

the list: part 1/ the color crop

the list- part 1

i'm making a list- a list of all those things i'd like to buy!
most of them are color related- it's a bit odd now i come to thing about it- i've always been one color kind of gal- total black- or total black blue are 2 of my favorites

but this spring brought all those colors and i can hardly resist- even my nails are duo color!!!

my ultimate obsession these past few days is the color crop! actually my obsession dates back to the isabel marant red crop days-

i can't w8 to  hit the stores- my search for the ultimate color crop has just begun!

sources: garancedore, garypepper,  jakandjil

1 comment:

  1. love this style of pants! and especially when they are colorfull!