7 April 2010

random 21

So here's to me_ i'm officialy 21 years old
and here's to my blog_ 100 posts old

since this turns out to be a rather odd post_ here's 21 random stuff about me

1. stripes_ sometimes i think i should have been a zebra... or a sailor_ i heart stripes!!!!

2.brussels_ that's where i'll spend this entire summer

3. agyness

4. piers_ i love them_ can't w8 to visit california

5. pride & prejudiced_ i have read it a million times

6. the O.C=love

7. adam brody/ seth
apparently all the boys i ever liked, dressed like him(crazy i know)

8. gilmore girls/ that's how i learnt english! they spoke so fast, saying all those crazy things

9. nyc_ that's where i want to live

10. architect_ i am one_ well studying to be

11. i play the piano/ worse than most people who play the piano

12. the hermes scarf_ a classic

13. wayfarers- i have them is three different colours

14. i'm collecting hats_ straw or bowler ones

15. french give me a headache

16. i love this photo

17. currently reading: the metropolis of tomorrow

18. F. S Fitzerald is my favourite author

19. The roaring 20's, that's where i'd like to time travel

20. right after i finished higschool i had my hair dyed ginger-
i can't w8 to have ginger hair again

21. carey mulligan_ icon

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