19 April 2010


would you try it?

a friend of mine, theodosia,  used to do it all the time and too tell u the truth i found it a bit clown-ish...

but now i think i'm ready to try it

Dual rocking some majorly awesome lower lashes.

Which reminded me of these Viktor Vauthier images. . . There's something i really really like about this eyeyliner dot, especially when worn with a bare face.

1 comment:

  1. my mother used to do it with an eye-liner in the seventies.she used to draw it so well that everybody thought it was fake eyelashes!!my mom used to be a singer and a painter so...she lived in many places...dif countries and she experimented on lots of crazy fashion stuff..
    as for me..i am a bit weird,too.if i feel i can support the attitude of this look i would try it..if u see me blogging about it some day,it'll be all your fault!