11 October 2009

a piece of inspiration

"...Look inside, look inside your tiny mind,
then look a bit harder
Cause we're so uninspired
so sick and tired, of all the hatred you harbour..."

lily allen, fuck you

i've been feeling a bit unispired latelly-
well it's probably because of the uni and the new academic year-
or  i could blame the elections and the general political chaos situation(i feel opposed to everybody)-
of course the most probable cause is the weather

it's freakin' hot- almost 30 degrees- i am bored of my summer clothes- bored of the sun- i need to wear my wellies and my ugg boots

the only thing that made me feel a bit better the last couple of days is the photo above of leighton meester

"Making Blair Waldorf proud, the Gossip Girlstar has a high-fashion moment in a watercolor minidress paired with satin platform sandals and mid-calf black socks – all by Louis Vuitton – and Cathy Waterman jewels at the line's runway show during Paris Fashion Week."

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