5 October 2009

the "Alexa" Bag

i don't know about you but i got to admit, I LOVE THIS BAG! what fascinates me the most is that the bag seems full of stuff! 

it is a mulberry bag named after Alexa Chung. the name of the bag is the "Alexa" Bag!

i've been unable to find this specific product on the market- what i know is that it is quite similar to the Mulberry Bayswater Bag


  1. it'll be out in Feb!

  2. yay! thanks for the info:)

  3. if only it didn't cost an arm and a leg to buy... it's so perfect!

  4. well, many bags that carry a "name" upon them have similar editions. Take for example the Hermes Lakis Kelly bag designed by Mr. Lakis Gavalas...

    But it's true, a very nice bag... Although in my wish list comes first a Dior Gaucho and a Motorcycle Balenciaga... always in distressed leather which i love.

  5. hermes lakis bag???? wow... i had no idea!