11 August 2009

Plastics by givenchy

the page above is from july's US VOGUE. editor virginia smith presents those colourful PVC gladiator sandal + is totally enthousiastic about them

Riccardo Tisci from Givenchy says " i wanted this shoe to be more accessible in terms of price and practicality, they are comfortable, colourful and under $200"

is it just me? i'm sorry guys but i just can't get it! has the world gone mad? it's plastic! don't get me wrong, i totally like the sandals but again it's plastic. the price alone is not a problem- sure we can spend $170 and buy designer shoes- but $170 for PVC?

1 comment:

  1. I guess for people with a lot of money it might be "cheap" to buy some plastic shoes for 170 dollars. But I agree, it's a bit ridiculous. Although, it is a LOT better than those hiddeous Crocs. So maybe now it's time for plastic-shoe-lovers to don't look like a complete ass.

    Thanks so much for the huge compliment, it's actually my own haircolour you know. It's funny how a haircut can make a haircolour look so much better.

    And I love Spirited Away. Have you seen Paprika? It's great as well, and it has a very hysterical catchy song.