10 August 2009

Leighton Meester_ digitally enhanced

20's///"So much of your twenties can be wasted on insecurity and worrying about what others think."

30's///"My favorite part [about growing older] is not knowing what to expect. I never want to lose interest or passion for fashion."
40's///"I do support Botox. If people want that, do it."
50's///"What comes with age is so many wonderful things: wisdom, understanding."

gossip girl star talks in bazzar about her tv character, her future aspirations, her dreams, her love for fashion. i do love her bold statements (botox view etc) and her playfullness when it comes to being fabulous at every age!


  1. so good to have you back dear!!!how old is she?

  2. thnx:)
    she must be in her early 20's.

  3. hey girl...dn 3ero an ise stin protevousa...ala kanonizoume bloggosinadisi gia oses apo emas exoun apomini stin poli tin pebti to vradaki gia poto..an 8es na r8is pes mou an sou po infos..

  4. oh mkari na mporousa!!!!!alla eimai patra kai fevgo gia diakopes to sk....:(
    8a frontiso na anevo a8ina ton septemvri kai otan anevo tha thela poli na sas gnoriso oles!!!
    euxaristo gia tin prosklisi!! kai na perasete teleia tin pempti!!!